DirSync Pro

DirSync Pro 1.02

An option rich file sync application


  • Very flexible
  • Fast
  • Comprehensive options


  • Interface is over complicated


Do you need to keep some directories synchronized, instead of manually copying files over, why not try an automatic synchronizer?

DirSync Pro is a Java based application that allows you to create sync between directories, with a variety of settings. Once you've chosen the folders you want, you can decide how you want them to sync. You can sync all files, or just modified, new or larger files. There's even an option to keep a back up of replaced files. You save your setup as a DSC config file, so multiple sync setups are possible.

The interface is a little intimidating at first, with a wealth of check boxes and options. Nevertheless, it's not actually complicated once you try it out. The interface has two looks - a system default, or sexy Java "metal". The java is more attractive, but we found the native system look actually works better! The report DirSync Pro produces when you sync is perhaps too much for most people. You want to know your files are synced, not every little detail! Of course, you can just ignore it.

DirSync Pro is a deep application that works really well, if you can get past its complicated interface

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DirSync Pro


DirSync Pro 1.02

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